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About SuperBio

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SuperBio was founded to create leading edge dietary supplements that utilize nature's store house of therapeutic and readily available compounds.  Our mission is to develop uniquely beneficial digestive aids using natural ingredients and compounds that help our customers feel healthier, fight common diseases, and promote a healthy overall lifestyle.

SuperBio a probiotic and our first probiotic dietary supplement, was developed by a team of scientists led by Dr. Mahesh Mathrubutham.  Dr. Mathrubutham has over 20 years of drug development experience and he first theorized that combining a powerful prebiotic ingredient with a specially selected blend of probiotic bacteria could produce the most effective digestive health product on the market.  He and his team also theorized that combining the "right" prebiotic with our proprietary blend of probiotics would produce multiple bodywide therapeutic benefits.  Our team's intellectual firepower combined with years of research led to the creation of SuperBio - Probiotic, a combination of probiotic bacteria and Spirulina – nature’s most powerful prebiotic fiber - to create a new kind of digestive health supplement called – COBIOTICS.

SuperBio's specially selected probiotics, which work synergistically with 900 milligrams of the powerful prebiotic – Spirulina.  With 900 milligrams of Spirulina, the largest amount of prebiotic fuel, per dose, on the market, SuperBio supercharges probiotic growth in your gut. 

 Plus, SuperBio bolsters the body’s immune system, provides important nutritional value, and with consistent use delivers body-wide therapeutic benefits.