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6 Keys to Keep Your Child’s Gut Healthy

pediatric digestive tips

For Gut Health Eat A Diverse Diet

Modern diet is monotonous as well as unhealthy

Gut Bacteria and Cardiovascular Health:

How does the gut microbiome effect cardiovascular health?

Four Reasons You Have Belly Fat:

Can probiotics help prevent unhealthy abdominal fat and weight gain?

Is Your Gut in Balance?

How should you feel when you have a healthy gut?

3 Back to School Tips to Stay Healthy!

08/26/2016 Fitness
Simple ways to keep your child out of the nurse's office and doing their best at school

Probiotics and Pets

Pets Are People Too: Can probiotics help my Dog stay healthy?

Does A Specific Probiotic Strain Make A Health Difference?

Probiotics: So many species - what does each one do?

5 Things That Keep Probiotics from Doing Their Job

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that your digestive system needs to function properly. Many people take probiotic supplements or foods when they have digestive problems, or to prevent problems from occurring. However, if you do not address these lifestyle or medical choices, you may be handicapping the gut bacteria that is so important to your health.

7 Questions you need to ask when choosing the best probiotic for you

There are many different probiotic products on the market, so it is very important to make the right choices. In this article I would like to try and go through some of the most important questions you should ask about any probiotic product in order to evaluate its usefulness for you and your health.