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Gut bacteria recovery after antibiotics

11/12/2018 News
Antibiotics can cure a range of bacterial infections, however, with our growing knowledge of the benefits of good gut bacteria researchers have asked the question, “what is the impact of antibiotics on our gut bacteria population?”

Microbiome Focused Biotech Company Has Setback

08/04/2016 News
A company called Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ-MCRB) is the first company to take microbiome research and digestive health expertise to the next level. The company has entered into FDA clinical trials with a product for treating clostridium difficile infection (CDI), an infection of the large intestine caused by a pathogenic bacteria called clostridium difficile.

SuperBio Probiotic Now Available Online

07/13/2016 News
SuperBio Probiotic is excited to announce the launch of its new full-service website located at Individuals focused on living healthier lifestyles can now purchase their leading-edge dietary supplements online while staying engaged with the most up-to-date probiotic research posted by the medical professionals working with SuperBio.