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3 Reasons Athletes Should Take SuperBio

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3 Reasons Taking SuperBio Probiotic Will Help You Achieve Your Athletic Goals


According to a 2014 study sponsored by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute?

Endurance athletes are far more likely to experience gastrointestinal (GI) health problems like diarrhea, cramping and feeling an extreme bowel movement urge. The symptoms can be very uncomfortable and debilitating especially if you are out on a long training run.  Most of these symptoms pose no long term health risk and are due to decreased GI blood flow while exercising. Probiotics, provide you with “good” gut bacteria that produce various protein, compounds, and by-products that reduce inflammation.  Plus, a thriving population of probiotic bacteria will protect your gut lining, which can help relieve painful GI symptoms.

Pre-competition stress can trigger GI symptom and or make intense training more difficult

An unhealthy GI causes many symptoms that result from disease, allergy or just an unhealthy metabolism. Whatever the cause, the effect is always the same; stress, anxiety and an inability to perform they way you know you can. Taking a probiotic is a first step to a healthier GI, by improving your gut health you improve your overall health and mental attitude, giving you that extra energy and motivation to do achieve your long term goals.


Do you suffer from allergies, food sensitivity or get sick easily?

An advantage of probiotics is that they can reduce inflammation, and inflammation is the root cause of all allergies, regardless of whether it is related to your GI, skin, lungs or other tissues and organs. Your GI contains 80% of your immune system, so by improving gut health with probiotics, your gut bacteria directly controls your immune response and inflammation. Thereby, helping you address many allergies.