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6 Ways Probiotics Help Your Workout!


6 Ways Probiotics Improve Your Workout


Probiotics have been shown to help the connection between gut, mind and body health. These far reaching benefits can also help in exercise and fitness routines.


  1. Anti-inflammatory -

Research has shown strenuous exercise can lead to gastrointestinal (GI) related problems, like diarrhea, due to inflammation damaging the gut lining cells. This is particularly true in athletes and those who do regular intense exercise. Probiotics can combat this by reducing inflammation, thereby protect the gut and allowing you to exercise without suffering from related GI problems.


  1. Nutrient absorption -

A balanced, thriving gut microbiome helps maintain optimal gut lining health, which improves energy and nutrient absorption. Since our gut is lined with cells that control the absorption of nutrients and the exclusion of waste, it is important that these gut cells are healthy and their health is optimized by a robust microbiome.


  1. Nutrient Production -

Probiotics and gut bacteria produce various useful nutrients as part of their normal metabolism. For example, probiotic bacteria generate essential vitamins like vitamin B and K. They also metabolize indigestible fiber from our diet into short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are used directly by our gut cells and also help feed distant organs and tissues. A healthy microbiome can generate 10% of our daily caloric requirement through SCFA production.


  1. Immunity -

Regular exercise and athletic activity can put a stress on our immune system. Since 80% of our immune system resides in our GI, and our gut microbiome and immune cells are in constant communication, taking a regular dose of Probiotics has been shown to maximize immune activity without compromising workout performance.  Our “good” gut bacteria also produce compounds and proteins that can help prevent infection, oxidative stress and inflammation, all of which can help us workout and recover quicker.




  1. Mood -

Our gastrointestinal tract (GI) has an extensive nervous system called the enteric nervous system (ENS), which allows our brain and gut take cues from each other. Gut bacteria produce serotonin and dopamine two mood elevating hormones that play an integral role in this process. Taking a daily probiotic can boost your workout motivation and help you get in the mood to workout.


  1. Diet –

Getting enough fruits, vegetables and hearty grains in your diet is always a challenge.  But did you know that the fiber in these goods is also the raw material probiotics use to make SCFAs and vitamins. The average Western diet contains 20–25 g fiber/day, but if you up that to 60 grams you can get 10% of your daily caloric needs, without the additional calories.


At SuperBio we investigated all these aspects of probiotics and developed SuperBio, a probiotic product that includes the prebiotic and nutritional benefit of Spirulina. This combination contains all the probiotic and prebiotic benefits to give you the boost you need to take that first step to a healthier lifestyle.