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Are Probiotics Only For Regularity?


If you think probiotics are good for keeping you regular you’d be absolutely correct.  However, recent scientific research has shown that the bacteria in your gut plays an important role in your overall health, and regularity is just a byproduct of how well your gut is working.

Our gut is often an underestimated organ, and few consumers know the pivotal role it plays in body-wide health.  The gut, specifically the gut lining, is the first organ to experience the world through the food we consume. That’s why it is important to consume a healthy fiber filled diet and a daily probiotic. Combing fiber and probiotics is the best way to promote a healthy gut lining, and a healthy gut lining is the key to nutrient absorption, a powerful immune system, and the body’s ability to keep harmful pathogens out of the circulatory system.

Many scientists are currently studying the effects of poor gut lining health – AKA “leaky gut syndrome” (LGS). They're finding that many illnesses related to inflammation may be due to LGS. For example: poor liver function, fatty liver, and cardiovascular disease.

Along with healthy gut lining, a thriving probiotic population also provides the body with a hefty dose of short chain fatty acids.  Scientists think that probiotics do this through their normal metabolism. Most consumers don’t know that beneficial probiotics, like the ones in SuperBio, can provide you with up to 10% of our daily energy needs through the SCFAs they create.  Plus, SCFAs are specifically used by gut lining cells as a source of energy. SCFAs are absorbed and provide similar support for other organs and tissues, such as the liver, heart, and brain. SCFAs also affect the body’s ability to absorb sugars, fats, and cholesterol, which directly impact fat deposition and liver function.

Probiotics are great for maintaining regularity! They are also the key to a healthy GI tract overall, and through optimal gut health you get many more benefits, including a supercharged gut lining that provides a barrier between the unhealthy things we consume and the rest of our body. So, the next time you take your daily dose of SuperBio, remember that not only is SuperBio keeping you regular – its helping your immune system, giving you a dose of SCFAs, and keeping your body’s defenses in tip top shape!