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Are You Over 50? Probiotics can help you stay healthy!


Are You Over 50? Probiotics can help you stay healthy!


When you make health decisions, don’t overlook Gut Health

Getting older has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, we get more leisure time to enjoy life, but on the other, there are many health challenges.  At SuperBio we are committed to preventing a common over 50 health challenge - An unhealthy gut microbiome.  SuperBio supercharges your gut - optimizing all the ways you are trying to stay healthy.

SuperBio revitalizes your Gut back to tip-top shape

SuperBio is formulated to reintroduce and replenish your “good” gut bacteria to help you absorb nutrients, counteract the damage from decades of unhealthy lifestyle choices, day-to-day stress, and other problematic habits, plus, the unfortunate side effects of some medications to address common over 50 problems like arthritis and acid reflux.

SuperBio helps your overall health plan

Certain medications deplete our gut bacteria and an unhealthy digestive system can cause problems that work directly against the solutions. For example, as we age our gut can’t absorb nutrients as well it could and some medications can cause more gut related inflammation that they can prevent. According to Dr. Mathrubutham, SuperBio Founder and CEO - "If your gut is unhealthy, you cannot absorb nutrients, regardless of how many supplements you take.”  Moreover, probiotics may also decrease parathyroid hormone which increases calcium absorption and bone growth.

SuperBio is simple way to make a big health difference

At SuperBio we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  By starting each day with your daily SuperBio dose you supercharge your gut so it can help supercharge your overall health plus, you are making the other health decisions you’ve made work better!