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Four Reasons You Have Belly Fat:

belly fat

Four Reasons People Have Belly Fat: Can Probiotics Help?


There are many reasons for developing a flabby abdomen AKA beer belly – most we know and relate to poor diet and lack of exercise.  Keep reading to learn more and find out what you can do to prevent harmful belly fat and get healthier.


  1. Medication:

 The chronic use of certain medications such as antibiotics and painkillers can adversely affect digestive function. Antibiotics will kill our “good” and “bad” gut bacteria, while Painkillers will affect how our gut processes food. In both cases these drugs, although helpful, can stop leave us prone to other opportunistic infections and prevent our digestive system from processing and digesting food. One of the outcomes of this is that we are unable to get nutrients from our diet and we become more lethargic and have no energy to exercise leading to chronic weight gain.


Taking a probiotic with the medication is a great way to get the benefit of these medications and also address the gut related side effects. The probiotics will help repopulate the gut with “good” gut bacteria.


  1. The wrong Bacteria in your digestive tract:


Our digestive system is home to at least 500 different bacterial strains. Under ideal conditions our microbiome should consist of 85% “good” or beneficial bacteria. When the majority of our microbiome is made of the “good” bacterial, the remaining 15%, which can be benign bacterial strains and yeasts, and are easily kept under control by competitive suppression.


However, due to today’s stressful lifestyle, consumption of processed foods and the use of chemical such antibiotics, our gut flora balance is shifted towards more “bad” bacteria than “good”.  Research has shown that that ratio of two gut bacteria species (Furmicutes and Bacteroidetes) has a direct effect on weight management.


Probiotics, the “good guys,” in the bacteria world and can help.  Taking a probiotic, like SuperBio, adds “good” gut bacteria to our digestive system, helping to correct the bacterial imbalance. The right balance of gut bacteria helps you feel energized, and free from digestive problems like bloating, gas and constipation.   


  1. Diet:


Our diet plays an important role in weight gain and abdominal fat. Reducing carbohydrate consumption is one of the best ways to control weight and abdominal fat.  Besides adding empty calories carbohydrates are a problem because they are easily digested and metabolized.  Once enough carbs are turned into energy, the excess that you can’t use is turned directly into fat, which is stored.  


Too much saturated fat, common in junk food, is also bad.  However, not all fats are bad. The fat found in fish and some vegetables, called Omega 3 or Omega 6 fatty acids are healthy and can help weight management and reduce cholesterol.


Increasing fiber, like the Spirulina in SuperBio is also a great way to reduce abdominal fat, and improve digestive function. Since our body can’t digest fiber, it is the primary food source for probiotic bacteria, and ample dietary fiber helps probiotics thrive.  


  1. Physiology:


Hormonal imbalances associated with Cushing’s syndrome and hyperthyroidism can result in deposition of abdominal fat. These are specific medical conditions that are distinct from other imbalances or disorders and require very precise and specific treatments.