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Get Off The Weight Gain/Loss Roller Coaster


Weight Management and Probiotics –

Which Roller Coaster Do you Want to Be On?


For many people weight management is like a crazy rollercoaster ride made up of rapid precipitous drops and steep increases. SuperBio believes there has to be a better way to losing weight that looks like a gentle slope toward your ideal weight.


So, rather than looking at how we shed pounds in the fastest possible time; the SuperBio team has been researching how probiotics can play role in the way we manage our weight over time through gut health, diet, and daily activity.


During the average human lifetime weight changes with age, rising steadily through our childhood, teen and early adulthood to a maximum around our 30s and 40s. In some cases if you are lucky and disciplined your weight is stable due to healthy diet and consistent exercise.


However, for the vast majority of us that is not the case. It is very common to gain weight slowly over a long period of time, and not because we obsessively overeat or don’t exercise. If you consume just 50 calories more than you expend every day for one year you’ll gain about 5 pounds. Putting on the pounds takes a long time!  Why do we expect a drastic lifestyle change that includes a calorie restricted diet and strenuous exercise is the right way to reverse your weight gain trend?


SuperBio Strategy – Small Metabolic Balance Shift (Calories In Calories Expended)


  • Once a day SuperBio Probiotic with Spirulina - gut health and improved energy


  • Daily Activity – A brisk walk, an hour gardening or leisurely bike ride.


  • Replace 300 empty processed food calories with 2 pieces of fruit or vegetable servings


Although taking small steps may not seem like much at first these small addition will compound with time and improve motivation and morale. As you feel more active and become more active the process will feedback on itself and in time you will feel yourself adding more activity and good foods to your diet.


We must remember that adding those pounds took small changes in the wrong direction over time, so there is no reason why we cannot make the same small changes in the right direction to reverse the process.