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Healthy Already? Probiotics Can Make You Healthier!


Healthy Already?  Probiotics Can Make You Healthier!


At SuperBio we firmly believe in all the far reaching benefits that probiotics can provide, from digestive health to Cardiovascular, Immune and Mental Health. However, we often get asked what probiotics can do if you are already feel great, exercise and eat right? 


How about prevent cold symptoms!


In a research study led by Dr Alan Cripps at the Griffith Health Institute, in Australia, 465 volunteers exercised for at least 30 min, 3 times a week for 3 months. A third of the volunteers were given a single probiotic, the second third were given two probiotics and the remaining third received a placebo.


After the 3 month study, volunteers reported on symptoms related to common colds. The study showed that the two groups that took either 1 or 2 probiotics reported a 25% reduction in cold symptoms compared to the placebo group.


Interestingly, taking vitamin C, something most of us are aware of to fight colds, only reduced the risk of getting a common cold by about 3%.


More Probiotic Health Benefits


  • Prevent pathogenic bacteria population growth – Probiotics produce antibacterial proteins that protect us from gastroenteritis or food poisoning or worse


  • Probiotics improve Immune Health


  • Super healthy gut lining which maximizes nutrient absorption and processing of waste products and toxins


  • Probiotics make Vitamins: vitamins B, K as well as short chain fatty acids that can contribute 10% of your daily calories


  • Probiotics can improve your Mood, Motivation and sense of Wellbeing


So even if you think you are well on your way to healthy lifestyle or are already there, and don’t need a probiotic, SuperBio Probiotic can still help you by helping you fight off the cold, help you keep up your exercise routine and help you maintain that healthy lifestyle.