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Is Your Liver - Not Just Your Waist Line - Affected by Weight Gain?


Is Your Liver - Not Just Your Waist Line - Affected by Weight Gain?


Most gastroenterologists and hepatologists agree that fatty liver disease (FLD), a condition not due to alcoholism, is the fastest growing health care concern today. A fatty liver disease occurs when excessive fat deposits accumulate in liver cells, which leads to inflammation, liver cell damage and FLD diagnosis.


NAFLD affects up to 25% of the US population and the vast majority of cases are associated with obesity and diabetes.


With such statistics why don’t we hear more about fatty liver disease and how to prevent it?


Unlike heart, stomach, or mental health problems when your liver isn’t working properly you may not feel any different.  The first time most patients realize they have a liver problem is after a routine blood test or a CT scan.  Common signs of liver problems are elevated liver enzymes Alanine transaminase (ALT) and Aspartate transaminase (AST) found in routine bloodwork or signs of fat deposits in the liver noticed during a CT scan.


When you are diagnosed with fatty liver the only treatment is the liver is diet (weight loss) and exercise.  Currently, there are no pharmaceutical treatments available.


What can you do to help yourself when you think you may have FLD?


Diet and exercise are recommended because they are ways in which you can lose weight and improve your nutritional intake, both of which have a beneficial effect on FLD development. However, all of us who have started and stopped new diets and exercise regimes - this is easier said than done.


Another way to help, and a great first step, is to start taking a probiotic health supplement, preferably one with a prebiotic like – Spirulina in SuperBio.  There is considerable research, including our own research on subjects with fatty showing that the phytoproteins and antioxidants in Spirulina combined with probiotics can reduce inflammation, and they also help the liver metabolize fats and reduce fat absorption from food.



The bottom line:

Athough probiotics/prebiotics combinations like SuperBio can help they are not a magic, bullet. Rather, SuperBio is the first step in helping you change to a healthier life style that will eventually make you and your liver healthier.