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Is Your Stomach on the Fritz?


Is Your Stomach on the Fritz?

If you are over 50 you probably remember the phrase, “the TV is on the fritz.”  It meant instead of watching “Mary Tyler Moore”, all you could see was a scrambled signal that looked like a snowstorm of black and white dots. 

A very similar problem may be happening in your gut, which is why you have nagging symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, bloating and pain – also called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  It’s like your GI’s nervous system is on the fritz. Instead of a scrambled TV screen you have chronic GI problems - they aren’t life-threatening but like a skin rash, they sure are a pain.

Scientists think that IBS symptoms could be caused by overactive GI nerve cells, which irritate the cells lining your gut, like atopic dermatitis in the skin.  

Overactive nerve cells may also cause micro-inflammation at the cellular level, which can also cause IBS symptoms.

Unlike a haywire TV there is no repairman that can fix your IBS.  Even if you see a gastroenterologist, they may only suggest some common OTC products for relief and give you a pamphlet with recommended diet and lifestyle changes.

There must be something I can realistically do?

Probiotics, like SuperBio, are “good’ gut bacteria that help our gut stay healthy but can also reduce inflammation and calm nervous gut overactivity. People with IBS symptoms have found relief using probiotics as part of a gradual change in lifestyle.

Bottom line; there is not treatment for IBS, a healthy diet, coupled with SuperBio probiotics and time, may be the best option we have to relieve IBS symptoms.