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Over 50? Here's How to Stay Healthy

woman with cold

Over 50? Here’s How to Stay Healthy!


Good gut health makes a great foundation of overall health and it is particularly important as we age.  For example, inflammation, which is vitally important for fighting off illness and disease, is important for all ages, but for older people inflammation may be a sign of poor immune health. That’s because as we age many of us suffer from chronic inflammation, which is associated with heart disease, bone and joint pain, Type 2 diabetes, and dementia.  Plus, all of us over 50 can appreciate how it takes longer to recover from a cold or flu compared to when we were young – our immune system is just not as robust.


Don’t get discouraged there are ways to get your immune system back in shape – and they start in your gut. 


You have lymph tissue in your digestive tract and it makes up 70% of your immune system.  To keep your digestive system healthy you need to consume plenty of high fiber foods.  Most fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber also contain antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals.


Another easy way to supercharge your immune system is by taking a daily probiotic – like SuperBio.  High fiber foods, like the Spirulina in SuperBio, feed the probiotic bacteria in SuperBio, as well as, the community of beneficial bacteria that reside in your GI.  Scientists believe that as we age we lose some of our good gut bacteria, so it is especially important to keep their populations stable with fiber and through a probiotic supplement.


The need for pharmaceutical treatments to counter act problems we encounter can also negatively affect our gut.  For example, our “good” gut bacteria suffer losses through the use of antibiotics, pain killers and other cardiovascular medications.  Pharmaceutical solutions come with side effects, however, probiotics are very safe, which means we can take probiotics and fiber in larger quantities for longer periods of time, and we can push the need for pharmaceutical drugs to a later point in our lives.


So, postpone the use of pharmaceutical solutions to small health problems as long as you can, by using probiotics.


There is no reason you have to suffer with a weak immune system just because you have some grey hair. With a healthy fiber rich diet, consistent activity, and moderate enjoyment of the pleasure we adults get to enjoy, you keep your immune system in shape. That does not mean we cannot use natural treatments like probiotics to help support our overall health. By taking a good probiotic like SuperBio, we can address our specific health conditions and our body wide health simultaneously.