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Probiotics – The Super Heroes in your Gut!


Many people are exposed to food-borne pathogens each day when they consume contaminated food or drinks. Some people, like the elderly or very young, are more susceptible. Research suggests that some people, like those with a very healthy gut microbiome, are better able to fight off the opportunistic parasite, bacteria or viruses we accidentally ingest.

If you travel internationally often you probably know how easy it is to run into contaminated food or water since many countries don’t have strict regulations, and contamination can occur at any point during the food manufacturing process, e.g., vegetables during harvest or meat during processing.

Probiotics, like SuperBio Probiotic, are “good” gut bacteria that have the ability to organize a “Super Hero” defense in your gut, which protects us from pathogens, food-borne illnesses, and infection.   


The complex probiotic community in your gut helps your immune system to stay alert to seek and eliminate pathogens quickly before they can take hold. Probiotics also attract white blood cells to the gut where they help fight off infectious organisms, such as the ones that cause food poisoning.

Why is it important to have healthy gut bacteria?


Think of your gut like a garden, when it is well tended and its full of many different plants, there is no place for opportunistic weeds to take hold. If your gut has a healthy, diverse population of bacteria opportunistic pathogens are less likely to find a foothold and cause trouble.

In addition, if you get a food-borne illness, taking probiotics can help. Probiotics will help heal and restore your gut lining after an intestinal infection and quickly restore a healthy digestive system balance. Sometimes a physician may prescribe an antibiotic for food poisoning. Although antibiotics will help fight the infection, antibiotics will also kill the good and bad bacteria in your gut, which may cause some symptoms like diarrhea to worsen. Taking a probiotic supplement, in this case, can help alleviate some of the side-effects, like diarrhea, of taking an antibiotic, and replenish your “good” gut bacteria population.

At SuperBio we created SuperBio Probiotic jump-start a healthy lifestyle and to help you maintain a healthy GI protecting you from pathogens and infection.