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Probiotics and Artery Disease


How Probiotics & Spirulina Can Help Your Arteries!


Atherosclerosis is a disease in which fat, calcium, and other substances build up inside your arteries. It affects 85% of people over 50 and is responsible for artery diseases that cause heart attacks and strokes.


The exact cause of atherosclerosis is not known but, recent research has shown that oxidative stress plays a role. In simple terms, white blood cells, which normally spend their time defending your body against pathogens, also get involved in eliminating fat from our blood. When we eat too much fat, white blood cells engulf the fat, similar to how they would engulf a bacteria. 


This is not a good thing, because, unlike pathogens the immune cells are unable to breakdown the fat they absorb. The fatty immune cell turns it into something called a “foam cell”. Foam cells are structurally sticky, and it is this stickiness that causes the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.


How can SuperBio help?


The Spirulina, which is an integral part of SuperBio, contains proteins called phytoproteins (C-phycocyanin and Phycobilin). The phytoproteins, in Sprulina collect light for photosynthesis, but in our body they mimic an important human protein called - bilirubin.  Bilirubin plays an important role in preventing the structural changes that allow foam cells to stick to your artery walls. When you consume Spirulina you get extra protection against sticky fat filled immune cells.


Research has also shown that probiotics are also very effective at reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Probiotics are “good” gut bacteria and help our digestive system stay healthy. Probiotics produce compounds like short chain fatty acids that can reduce the ability of the gut from absorbing fats and also inhibit the way our livers make cholesterol. This can help reduce the level of fat in our blood and impact foam cell formation.


Therefore, even though we do not know how atherosclerosis starts, we can take action to slow the process by taking a probiotic and spirulina. This is one of the reasons that we developed SuperBio, a blend of seven probiotics and Spirulina, to take advantage of the various lipid lowering advantages of probiotics and Spirulina.