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Recover Faster After Your Colonoscopy!


Recover Faster After Your Colonoscopy!


A Colon screening has become standard practice for those of us who have turned 50.  It’s also common for people with digestive issues like IBD, IBS, UC and other gut or digestive conditions.  For those of us who fall in the previous two categories you know that the prep for a colonoscopy is anywhere between uncomfortable and tortuous, and for at least 20% of patients the recovery after the procedure may include an extended period of GI discomfort. 


How can you improve colonoscopy recovery?


One easy way to improve recovery after colonoscopy is to fortify and replenish your gut microbiata (your gut bacteria) before and after your colonoscopy. As healthy gut microbiata is crucial to gut health the dramatic depletion of gut bacteria by the colon prep procedure can impact recovery and the associated digestive issues.


A study conducted by Dr Basil D'Souza. B., et al. at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Sydney, Australia, found that taking a probiotic before and after a routine colonoscopy improved recovery by 30%, and the post colonoscopy recovery time for IBS and IBD patients improved by 47%.


At SuperBio we created SuperBio Probiotic with Spirulina to help rapidly remodel and replenish our “good” gut bacteria, and our customers have found that using SuperBio regularly also helps in recovery after colonoscopy.


I had been taking SuperBio for 3 or 4 weeks when I had my regularly scheduled colonoscopy.  I've had many colonoscopy procedures, and after taking SuperBio I had my quickest recovery ever. Thanks SuperBio!” - SuperBio Customer.


At SuperBio we recommend a course of probiotic supplements before and after a colonoscopy to improve recovery and promote good gut and body wide health.