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Supermodels Know the Value of Probiotics


Supermodels Know the Value of Probiotics  


Supermodel Naomi Campbell looks great after three decades of modelling! According to a Harper’s interview her keys fantastic longevity, unbelievable looks and her amazing figure is a healthy diet, regular exercise, and probiotics!


Adding probiotics to a healthy diet and lifestyle is a great way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Ms. Campbell likes to have eight health-boosting drinks, including aloe vera and hot water with lemon and probiotics.


Combing aloe, lemon and hot water is great healthy drink!  However, Ms. Campbell would get more benefit from probiotics by adding them to a cool drink. Probiotics are living organisms, and immersion in hot water can diminish their viability before they reach your digestive system, which will reduce their probiotic benefit.


The best way for Naomi or anyone else to take a probiotic, like SuperBio, is just after a meal with a glass of water.  You can also add SuperBio directly to cold foods such as salads, yoghurt or smoothies!