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What’s Good For Your Outside Is Good For Your Inside


What’s Good For Your Outside Is Good For Your Inside

David Beckham Launches Grooming Products - The Secret Ingredient – Spirulina!


                                                                                                                                         Source: Elle Magazine; Jan 2018

According to GQ story soccer star and fashion icon David Beckham plans to launch a thirteen-item line of skin and hair products with L’Oréal. 

Guess what new ingredient he’s highlighting?  It’s the SUPERFOOD Spirulina! 

That’s right, the same ingredient in SuperBio.  Spirulina is – quick definition - as Mr. Beckham knows, it is mostly plant proteins and antioxidants, so it’s good for plumping up your skin. However, it’s even more powerful as a fuel for your probiotic bacteria.

In the probiotic business, we call Spirulina a “Prebiotic.”  According to Dr. Jens Walter Microbiologist and Probiotic Expert at the University of Nebraska, “prebiotics are the fuel that our gut bacteria need to grow and flourish, prebiotics are as important as probiotics because prebiotics can promote ongoing probiotic growth.”

The scientists at SuperBio believe the best prebiotic source is Spirulina, which is why SuperBio has almost 20x more prebiotic (Spirulina) per dose compared to other probiotic supplements.

SuperBio is blended with over 800 mg of Spirulina and is the only probiotic that uses Spirulina and the only probiotic that supplies the probiotics in your gut with more than enough fuel to grow and flourish. Supercharge your gut with SuperBio.