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Are you struggling with your weight? Feeling gassy or bloated? Have stomach issues and don't know why?

It's not your fault - your problem is shared by millions of people, and there is a simple solution! How you feel is due to a war going on, a war between trillions of bacteria that live in your gut.  There they battle every day, the “good bacteria” versus the “bad bacteria.”  The fight is over resources like food, space, and dominance of your digestive tract.

Unfortunately, our modern, hectic lifestyle and poor eating habits are giving aid and comfort to the “bad bacteria”, the enemies of your gut. When the “bad bacteria” are winning, you feel gassy, bloated and tired.  It’s why you have itchy problematic skin, why you have no energy and a dull ache in your head that makes it almost impossible to get moving.  The battle goes on every day and there is a simple strategy to turning the tide and winning the war in your gut. The winning battle plan is daily use of a product I’ve developed that combines two proven weapons that will supercharge your “good bacteria” so they can beat the “bad guys” and win the war in your gut. The victory will be the end of your digestive problems, it will raise your energy, and you’ll stop feeling bloated, gassy and finally reverse that slow, creeping weight gain.


I’m Dr. Mahesh Mathrubutham and I’m going to share with you the keys I learned to turn my health around and the simple solution you can use to change how you feel forever!

During my scientific career, I’ve discovered some fascinating things about human physiology.  Through years of research, I learned the simple processes our cells use to fight disease, and how over 70% of disease-fighting resources come from one organ in the body – the gut. 

My thirst for medical knowledge began over 25 years ago when I was a graduate student at the University of Southampton, in the UK and continued during my post-doctoral research at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. After studying the intricacies of molecular cell function, I was a research director at several well-known biotech companies.  During my career, I specialized in discovering the “cell pathways” used by cells to fight disease. 

It was because of this decade-long research work, and my long and the shared partnership with my wife, an experienced gastroenterologist, who sees hundreds of patients each year, with many of the common problems we will discuss.  It was through these experiences that I discovered the reasons behind many health problems and the key to better, lifelong health. 

This discovery was the key that turned my health around.

You see diabetes runs in my family, and even though I stayed away from diabetes risk factors and according to BMI statistics my weight was normal I still had trouble controlling my blood sugar, a common precursor to diabetes. My vegetarian diet, consistent exercise, and good lifestyle habits weren’t enough to solve my health problem.  It was not until I learned about the keys to supercharging my immune system and winning the war in my gut. My discovery has gotten my blood sugar problem under control, it has also been the key to helping my wife and two business partners feel balanced, energized and able to control, and even turn slow weight gain into weight loss!

My discovery was so simple and important, I decided to use this formula, combine it with the first-hand experience, and access my to fellow life science professionals to create a new health product that was easy to use and available to everyone.


To achieve this goal I contacted a colleague who I knew was an experienced dietary supplement researcher and new product developer.  He and I formulated the product and designed several clinical and laboratory studies to test our formulation and confirm its health improving benefits.

He immediately felt less bloated, less gassy, and had more energy.

Our formulation targets the simple key to health I discovered and it isn’t found in any other similar products available to consumers today.  As I mentioned earlier, my business partners, and many other friends and family and I have been taking and testing the effectiveness of our new products for over two years.  Not only has it helped me get my blood sugar under control, my colleagues and friends have also felt its life changing effects.  For example, my business partner, who is over 50, is always fighting weight gain and lethargy.  When we developed SuperBio and started taking it ourselves he immediately felt less bloated and gassy.  He also noticed a boost to his energy level and his ability to get more exercise – now he’s walking his new dog for an hour every day!

Our new product is now available worldwide.  Say goodbye to feeling unbalanced due to poor digestion, no energy, moodiness, creeping weight gain, and worries about high cholesterol and uncontrolled blood sugar.  With a simple, once a day dietary supplement you’ll get control of your health, you’ll be balanced, energized and with that first step you’ll get moving, and more physical activity will lead to shedding those extra pounds.

Would you believe that after just a few days taking this revolutionary new health product that you’ll feel noticeably less gassy and bloated?  You’ll feel a surge of energy and that brain fog and moodiness will disappear.  You’ll even notice your clothes fit better and you’ll feel a little less self-conscious about your waistline.

This revolutionary new product called SuperBio is the world’s only Co-Biotic dietary supplement.  SuperBio is unlike any other dietary supplements on the market today.  It’s the only Co-Biotic that combines two proven ingredients into a once a day dietary supplement that will supercharge your good gut bacteria so that they can start making you feel better today!