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Kris: #3 July 2017

Week 3: July 2017


School holidays are over, sadly; I’ve enjoyed spending time with my little man, I don’t get to as often as I’d like.  The journey to reaching my health goals, happily, has been gathering pace. That said I’m now back at work and far less active than I have been over the past three weeks. My bottom is now parked in an office chair for the best part of eight hours each day, which means now the challenge really begins.


My beachside suburb, coupled with a lengthy heatwave, has meant I’ve been running, swimming, cycling and generally taking full advantage of the great outdoors. Now I’m city-bound every morning on a bus and I’ve got to dig deep to find the motivation to keep my health on track. It’s only day two, no pressure… right?


While I’ve had the time, I’ve been experimenting with probiotics on the outside as well as on the inside. I’m taking two SuperBio capsules regularly every day, which is paying off massively in balancing my insides and keeping the bloat at bay.  Having spent so much time in the sun, I wanted to test if a probiotic-rich face mask might help soothe my weather-beaten skin.


That pot-set Greek yogurt we so love to eat in this house has also been raided to put on my face, mixed with one SuperBio capsule and some Manuka honey. It’s dreamy and the effect on my sun-dried face has been sensational. Plus, I can eat whatever is leftover – it’s delicious, and so beautifully green!  I would venture that this would also be a wonderful treatment for those of you facing winter weather right now, irritated by cold wind and dulled by the lack of sun.


As for getting SuperBio into my son’s diet, still working on that, although he has agreed that 2017 is “the year of trying new foods”. So far that has been a pie from the school canteen. Well, it’s a start.

Kris: #2 May 2017


It’s summer vacation time here in Australia, and as I’m sure many working parents will concur, routine usually goes out the window as soon as the last bell of the school term rings.   Even though, we’ve let our belts out, live in our swimwear, and thrown our routine to the wind this time we are noticing the benefits of a daily dose of SuperBio.


I can’t put it down to anything else. Where previously I’d feel a little sluggish by the end of the day, especially after a few days out of my regular eating routine, now I feel I’m being kept on something of a stable track.  No problems with regularity, my skin feels great and I feel less bloating than I’d expect.


As mentioned in the last entry, I haven’t yet managed to sneak any SuperBio into my somewhat fussy six-year-old’s food.  There has been plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in our diet (mainly because it’s too damn hot to spend time cooking), salads mostly; there isn’t the desire to eat anything heavier. Like us, he’s been living on “fruit platter” (a big plate of cut-up fruit and vegetables, with a side of protein in some form).  Unfortunately, the Spirulina in SuperBio, doesn’t work well as a topping with fruit.  For now, I’ll stick with yogurt as my strategy to get him started on a probiotic.

Kris: #1 March 2017

Happy New Year! And a happy one I intend it to be, particularly for my health. For me, 2016 presented more than its fair share of challenges; I’m talking way beyond those that we working parents must overcome daily. But this year is a new start for me to set health goals and get back on track. I’m not going to haul out the old “resolution” bandwagon only to abandon it in three weeks later when life throws me a curve. Rather, it’s my intention to achieve gradual success in this goal.

I have read a lot about the benefits of probiotics, in supporting the immune system, and helping with everything from IBS to acne and improving sleep. Personally, I suffer from bloating from time to time after a meal; perhaps it’s a mild intolerance to something I’m eating, or perhaps my gut is less bulletproof than it used to be. (Probably it’s taking a bite of everything I give the little ones)I can’t ignore it anymore so a healthy diet with regular exercise (as regular as I can) with taking probiotics daily is my plan to address the issues I’m having. And since the latter is completely doable, I’ll start there.  

As a mom working full-time, it’s hard to factor in exercise or even simply find half-an-hour’s peace to meditate on thoughts (or watch my latest Netflix addiction – currently The Crown!) when juggling commuting, work, and caring for kids.

So, to that end, I intend taking two SuperBio capsules each day after a meal, probably breakfast, and incorporating into my diet and that of my family, food that works with the probiotics. (Will keep you posted on that one; it might take some stealthy additions to spaghetti Bolognese with my son.)

Kris is a 45-year-old mother and full-time subeditor. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and believes that managing healthy lifestyle choices depends on individual family circumstances. Here she documents her journey with SuperBio probiotics.