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  • Year-round respiratory health
  • Reduces flu and cold symptoms
  • Sustained immune protection
  • Physician recommended
  • Faster recovery from illness and injury

THE PROBLEM: Over the past two decades, epidemics such as SARS in Asia, Ebola in West Africa, seasonal flu, and the COVID-19 pandemic, has driven consumer interest in personal hygiene and health products that protect health and boost immunity. We all know that washing your hands with soap and water or using a hand sanitizer is effective, but you're only protected until you touch the next contaminated surface. But is there a way to have sustained protection?

THE SOLUTION: The scientists at SuperBio have developed SuperBio Immune Defense, a revolutionary new probiotic, called a CoBiotic, that can provide gut health and sustained immune health and protection. SuperBio Immune Defense is an innovative combination of probiotics and EpiCor, a yeast product, that boosts immune health, sustains year-round upper respiratory health, reduces cold and flu symptoms, and optimizes gut health.

HOW DOES IT WORK: About 70% of our immune system resides in our gut, where it interacts with our gut bacteria or gut microbiome. Therefore, maintaining a healthy gut microbiome also ensures good immune health. SuperBio Immune Defense works by combining probiotics with EpiCor, a revolutionary new product that has been clinically shown to boost immune health. Our combination of SuperBio Probiotics and Epicor works to enhance various components of our immune system, to seek and eliminate pathogens that are a daily challenge to our health. 

Each bottle of SuperBio contains one month supply of SuperBio.

Each capsule contains 10 billion CFU of the following probiotics:

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • L. acidophilus
  • L. delbreuckii
  • L. reuteri
  • Bifidobacter longum
  • B. lactis
  • B. bifidus
  • AND over 250 mg of EpiCor Immune Health Booster

Take two capsules per day with a glass of water, or pour capsules into your favorite fruit juice, smoothie or yogurt.