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 The SuperBio Story

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Benjamin Franklin, 1735

Greetings, my name is Dr. Mahesh Mathrubutham and I'm the President of SuperBio Probiotics. At SuperBio we believe that nature is a store house of readily available - discovered and undiscovered - compounds, which can help your body fight disease and improve health. Our core belief is based on personal experiences, years of research, and a rigorous understanding of probiotics, botanical products, and human physiology. Natural products like SuperBio, unlike pharmaceutical treatments sold by the trillion dollar drug industry, can be used holistically to build up our body's defenses and health - proactively maintaining a healthy immune system and healthier way of living.Story stomach ache

When I was a boy, my family used to travel to India in the summer to visit relatives. One time, my mother came down with a very bad case of amoebic dysentery after drinking contaminated water. It was heart wrenching to see her in such physical and emotional pain. She was prescribed a powerful drug, which was effective, but due to its side effects, took a significant toll on her and prolonged her full recovery. When I look back, it is this experience that guided my first step in a long journey of scientific discovery that led to the development of SuperBio.

During my career in the drug and biotech industry, I began to fully appreciate that pharmaceuticals, while beneficial, usually only treat the symptoms of illness. Rarely do they address the underlying cause of illness.  As my understanding grew I realized that it is far more effective in terms of time, long term health, and cost to help prevent illness rather than treat symptoms with ongoing pharmaceutical use.

Fortunately, after 15 years of work in the drug and biotech industry, I had the opportunity to study business and receive my Masters in Business Administration. This experience exposed me to many experienced business people and instructors, who motivated me to leave drug research and do something more entrepreneurial. In 2012, I started working on developing products derived from natural compounds, and building the team that would become SuperBio.

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Our initial research and development efforts were frustrating at times, but we gained a great deal of experience and understanding of the illness preventing abilities of natural product compounds. This hard work, combined with my conviction in the benefits of "natural" health solutions that don't create side effect-challenges like my mother faced, inspired me to keep working.  To learn more we reached out to leading probiotic research scientists who were doing cutting edge research about the mechanisms of probiotic growth and their effect on the human immune system.

Our team also met with many physicians and dietary supplement industry professionals that had a similar passion for natural solutions to illness. One of the most influential individuals we met was Dr. Ezhil Arasan, a physician with over 25 years of experience researching and developing natural ingredients for the drug and consumer product industries. Luckily, after Dr. Arasan heard our story, he agreed to join the SuperBio Team and together we used our combined skills, experience, passion, and desire to help people to launch SuperBio and ultimately develop a unique and innovative solution to natural immune health called SuperBio Probiotic.

SuperBio is a product created and formulated to counteract the problems of the modern western diet and hectic, stressed filled lifestyle, which damages our intestinal microbial community's ability to maintain good health.  SuperBio was developed to help the body establish the natural, beneficial state of balance between normal microorganisms living in our digestive system and human physiology to create a symbiotic coexistence. SuperBio pill opened

SuperBio's combination of specially selected probiotic strains and organic Spirulina is formulated to balance our poor lifestyle choices with the power of a supercharged gut microbiome that keeps us feeling our best. SuperBio does this by building up your body's natural microbiota, which then calibrates your metabolic and immune systems for health. SuperBio is also manufactured in the U.S.A under the strictest production requirements by facilities that are compliant with FDA manufacturing standards.

At SuperBio we truly believe in SuperBio and it's amazing health benefits.  My personal well being and that of my family has improved by the addition of a daily dose of SuperBio.

All of us at SuperBio hope you will also take the first step to achieving your goal for a happier and healthier lifestyle by making SuperBio a part of your daily routine!