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Management Team

Dr. Mahesh Mathrubutham, MBA PhD, SuperBio President

Dr. Mathrubutham received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Southampton, Southampton, UK and completed his postdoctoral research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He has over ten years' experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries specializing in collaborations with biotechnology and pharmaceutical development clients on assay development and cell biology. At Pierce Biotechnology (a ThermoFisher Company), he led high throughput screening and worked on scale-up manufacturing of newly developed products. After five years at Pierce Biotechnology, Dr. Mathrubutham joined DiscoveRx Corporation, a venture-backed biotechnology firm headquartered in Fremont CA, as senior scientist and Group Leader of the Cell Biology. At DiscoveRx, Dr. Mathrubutham managed a group of six product and assay development research scientists. In 2011, he moved to West Des Moines, IA and started a biotechnology consulting company and later that year began collaborating with Mr. Myers on several basic research, drug development, and business development consulting engagements, which led to the founding of SuperBio. Dr. Mathrubutham has published his research in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and holds several patents in the area of assay development and protein characterization.

Mr. Tom Myers, MBA, CFA, SuperBio CFO

Mr. Myers has over 20 years’ experience in investments, investment management and entrepreneurial business development. He has founded, restructured and sold several businesses before teaming with Dr. Mathrubutham to start SuperBio. Mr. Myers’ entrepreneurial experience includes direct responsibility for business operations during the start-up and early operations. In addition, he has extensive experience in evaluating companies and business opportunities during his career in the investment management business. Mr. Myers' background in project management, business valuation, business planning, and financial modeling will provide invaluable financial oversight and strategic planning capabilities for SuperBio. Finally, Mr. Myers also has extensive experience in capital raising for early stage companies as well as government funded opportunities for small businesses that will provide important financial resources for research and development.

Dr. R. Ezhil Arasan, MD, SuperBio Chief Medical Officer

Dr. R. Ezhil Arasan is the founder director of Dr. V.R.E. Research Laboratories in Chennai, India. He obtained his M.D. (Clinical Pharmacology) from Madras Medical College and M.B.,B.S., from Stanley Medical College Chennai. As a research physician he has 30 years of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research, corporate strategy, and business development. In his role with SuperBio Nutraceuticals he provides a valuable blend of medical and business management experience, clinical and basic research, corporate strategy and business development experience. His research laboratories in Chennai focus on medically valid product opportunities based on translational research and cross border collaborations with the U.S. as well as universities in Asia. Dr. Arasan is also a Senior Director for Simanor LLC, a provider of M&A and other strategic advisory services to middle-market nutraceutical, consumer food and beverage, and agricultural product companies in the U.S. and India.

SuperBio BusinessTeam

Tom Myers CFO, MBA, CFA
Justin Schoen 

Ari Paget

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Rajalakshmi Iyer MD; Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist
Dr. Archana Verma MD; Gastroenterologist & IBD
Dr. Tercio Lopes MD; Gastroenterologist & IBD, EUS
Dr. Christine Fong MD; Neonatologist
Dr. Eric Andersen MD; Pediatrician
Dr. Shannon White - Chiropractor and Nutrition Expert

Dr. Braxton Pulley - Chiropractor and Nutrition Expert