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Supercharge your Gut Health and Improve Body-Wide Health.

  • Worry-free digestion

  • Recommended by Gastroenterologists

  • Clinically proven

  • Fortified with select Organic SuperBio Prebiotics

SuperBio - The once a day “Cobiotic” is the world’s most powerful Probiotic.

What is a Cobiotic?

SuperBio is a NEW kind of Probiotic called a "COBIOTIC"

  • COBIOTICS embed beneficial probiotic bacteria in your gut
  • COBIOTICS have prebiotic fiber and supercharge probiotic growth
  • COBIOTICS provide other essential benefits

SuperBio's cobiotic products contain our specially selected SuperBio Probiotics, which work synergistically with our select SuperBio Prebiotics to help maintain gut, liver, cardiovascular and body-wide health, as well as boost immunity to protect us from daily and year-round challenges to our health.

The SuperBio scientist have formulated our products to be suitable for women and men of all ages, to be taken daily.

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