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Boost Immune Support: A Natural Year-Round Shield!

09/09/2020 Nutrition
Over the past two decades, we have seen an increase in the incidence of epidemics and pandemics such as SARS in Asia, Ebola in West Africa, seasonal flu, and the COVID-19 pandemic. This has driven a heightened awareness of the need for products that can help protect and shield ourselves and our families from infection. Although we can treat infections with pharmaceutical drugs, it is becoming clear that prevention can often be better than cure. This is most clearly illustrated by the COVID19 pandemic, where successful recovery is a painstaking process and can leave the patient with a number of other COVID19 related issues post-recovery.

Healthy Already? Probiotics Can Make You Healthier!

12/10/2018 Fitness
At SuperBio we firmly believe in all the far-reaching benefits that probiotics can provide, from Digestive Health to Cardiovascular, Immune and Mental Health. However, we are often asked - “what can probiotics do for me if I already feel great, exercise and eat right?” Probiotics are more than just good for your gut! Here are 6 ways they can help you stay motivated and maintain the good health you have worked so hard to gain.

Gut bacteria recovery after antibiotics

11/12/2018 News
Antibiotics can cure a range of bacterial infections, however, with our growing knowledge of the benefits of good gut bacteria researchers have asked the question, “what is the impact of antibiotics on our gut bacteria population?”

Probiotics – The Super Heroes in your Gut!

04/14/2018 Fitness
Many people are exposed to food-borne pathogens each day when they consume contaminated food or drinks. Some people, like the elderly or very young, are more susceptible. Research suggests that some people, like those with a very healthy gut microbiome, are better able to fight off the opportunistic parasites, bacteria or viruses we accidentally ingest.

What’s Good For Your Outside Is Good For Your Inside

David Beckham Launches Grooming Products -The Secret Ingredient – Spirulina!

Are You Over 50? Probiotics can help you stay healthy!

Getting older has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, we get more leisure time to enjoy life, but on the other, there are many health challenges. At SuperBio we are committed to preventing a common over 50 health challenge - An unhealthy gut microbiome. SuperBio supercharges your gut - optimizing all the ways you are trying to stay healthy.

Is Your Stomach on the Fritz?

If you are over 50 you probably remember the phrase, “the TV is on the fritz.” It meant instead of watching “Mary Tyler Moore”, all you could see was a scrambled signal that looked like a snowstorm of black and white dots. A very similar problem may be happening in your gut, which is why you have nagging symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, bloating and pain – also called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Second Brain in Your Gut

A “gut feeling” feeling about something may be more accurate than you think!

The Beast in Your Belly!

When we overindulge in rich food and drinks during the holidays it’s common to end up with stomach troubles. Common symptom from “seasonal” overindulgence are feeling bloated, unbalanced, and maybe a little abdominal pain combined with diarrhea. Most of the time the symptoms cease after the last party of the season, however, for some of us the stomach woes persist and may indicate a more serious underlying problem.

Antibiotics Can Cause Diarrhea; Probiotics Can Help!

12/15/2017 Fitness
The cold & flu season is here and antibiotics are an important tool in fighting bacterial Ear, Nose, and Throat infections. Most of the time antibiotics work great. However, 1 in 5 unfortunate souls will develop diarrhea during or after their antibiotic treatment.